A brief history of our modern family trees and how Birdyhome loves creating them!

A brief history of our modern family trees and how Birdyhome loves creating them!

Family tree prints are a unique and thoughtful way to celebrate the history of a family, and they make great gifts for a variety of occasions. Whether it's for a birthday, Christmas gift, or Mother’s Day present, a family tree print is a meaningful and personalised gift that is sure to be treasured for years to come. Each family tree print is a one-of-a-kind, tailored specifically to the family it represents.  This makes it a truly special and thoughtful gift that can't be replicated. 

I’ve always loved history and at some point must have become quite an expert, considering the amount of National Trust houses and English Heritage sites that I used to visit when the children were younger. The one that stays with me is the property of Queen Victoria at Osborne House located in East Cowes on the Isle of Wight. It features a magnificent family tree tracing back the Royal Family for generations. It is highly decorated and intricate, I spent a long time staring at this masterpiece of art, so I would highly recommend going to visit this beautiful piece of history. 


family tree in red framed in grey wooden frame

Personalised Grandmother Family Tree

This was our first personalised family tree created in 2013 and it was a little different to traditional family trees that feature long lines of descendants, it showed only grandchildren on the hearts hanging from the tree branches in a graphic, folky style. I could never have anticipated how popular this framed print would become! It was featured on the front page of www.notonthehighstreet.com and our little studio changed big time.

I was new to retail and made lots of mistakes, the first mistake I made was buying frames from The Range to create a rustic, farmhouse vibe that was popular at the time. Once the orders started rolling in, we couldn’t keep up with demand. This was the lead up to Christmas and our usual framers were giving us delivery times of up to three to four weeks meaning we would lose out on lots of lovely orders and disappointed customers. I had to go to the Range every couple of days begging for more orders of frames until they eventually got so sick of me they gave me the name of the frame suppliers. Again there was lots of begging and I personally had to travel to Essex to pick up huge quantities of frames before more orders were delivered.

I learnt a lot from this experience, Christmas is now planned well ahead of time and orders for frames start in October, and I don’t rely on one supplier for our frames. I also started offering prints in different formats so they now come unframed or mounted so that we are not heavily reliant on the delivery of frames. This was very handy during Covid when our frame suppliers were not open so we could continue fulfilling orders.


We created a few variations on this design, branching out into a Family Apple Tree, featuring grandparent names, grandchildren and family name.


A Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren Family Tree with bunting on the branches and smaller hearts.

This design served to show the love and support that exists within a family. We found that when one of our designs was gifted to a family member, it can show that person how much they are valued and appreciated within the family.


family tree for grandad

Personalised Grandmother and Grandchildren Framed Print and

Personalised Grandfather and Grandchildren Framed Print

One of my personal favourites, this family tree featuring a beautiful heart made from eucalyptus leaves was created in 2016 and is still one of our most popular designs. 

It was created to appreciate a Grandmother’s nurturing and guiding influence to grow their grandchilden into responsible adults. They love them, nurture them and are the driving force that keeps a family together. 

This idea is strengthened with the sentimental message at the bottom ‘A Garden of love grows in my Nanny’s heart’.  They were incredibly popular during Covid when Grandparents could not be visited, our customers were very grateful for this design that was delivered safely to family members. The design was also expanded to include different coloured flowers and also a version for Grandad featuring soft fruits.


family tree rings of a tree

Personalised Growing Family Tree Rings

This is no longer available on our website but I loved creating this family tree. The graphic black and white really appeals to me and it was a real achievement to fit all the names on the design when there were parents/grandparents, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I would be happy to resurrect this one if there is any interest in it!

deer family tree in woodland for mother's day gift

Personalised Woodland Deer Family

Created in 2016, this was a slight departure from our usual grandparent/grandchildren family trees. Again, I love the graphic nature of this design with a graduated background, which of course, is available in lots of different colour variations. You can choose which deer represents your family member and this was aimed at a younger family to proudly display their growing herd.


grandmother bouquet for mother's day

Personalised Nanny’s Bouquet of Grandchildren

This creation was aimed at grandmother’s and mum’s, it’s available in a variety of colours. I love my garden and I’m always trying to sneak something botanical into my designs, this one worked really well, again with a sentimental message at the bottom to show the special bond between a grandmother and grandchild.


grandchildren family tree in mid-century style

Personalised Mid Century Grandchildren Family Tree

I was going through a bit of a Scandi/ Mid Century vibe at this time, Mid Century furniture was going through a resurgence of popularity and it’s one of my favourite periods of history for interior design and architecture. For all of my designs, I start with lots of research which involves going down lots of distracting worm holes! But I was really pleased with the end result with the big organic leaves of the tree and places to display grandchildren names.


family tree botanical print gift for mothers day

Personalised Growing Grandchildren Family Tree

I know I keep saying this, but this is one of my favourite family trees and I still love this one, created in 2018. It’s made from delicate little leaves and kept me very happy for quite a few days composing and positioning each leaf so that each child, grandchild and great grandchild were legible on the branches. I left the message at the bottom more to the choice of the customer and they really came up trumps with lovely, thoughtful sentiments.  


Just some more family trees...There have been….

grandmother family tree mother's day gift printhttps://birdyhome.co.uk/products/personalised-nanny-and-grandchildren-world-print

family tree of pebbles framed print for mother's day


pressed flowers family tree


making memories family tree


These family trees were created more recently but perhaps there should be a Part II to those! There are more ideas on the drawing board that will be brought to life soon but we’ll always be grateful to that first family tree that changed our little company forever!

family tree fro grandmothers and grandchildren



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