Do It Yourself Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

Do It Yourself Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

Buying Valentine's Day gifts for men is usually a tricky business, what can you get that will express your love, but that he'll also really want?

Nothing is more thoughtful than a personalised Valentine gift especially if it's made by you (or look at our ideas from small businesses and you can take all the credit!). We've also given you a frugal option for gift ideas, because we're feeling the pinch or a fancy option if you are short of time. If you need some colourful craft paper, little pegs, ribbon, small jars and accessories, head to Hobby Craft or The Range for all your needs.


Date night or love token ideas...

Frugal...How about this for a very romantic Valentine's Day idea? A 14 day advent calendar made from toilet roll tubes. You can decorate each one and add a little note inside, suggesting a date night idea or with your own special love tokens.


Valentines Day love box

Fancy...Or how about this idea from Posh Totty who have a great range of personalised gift ideas for Valentine's Day? This simple, classy box with 10 personalised love messages is perfect to show how much you care, all you have to do is supply the thoughtful copy, perfect when you are short of time.


A perfect beery Valentine's Gift just for him...

beer alcohol cake for Valentines Day

Frugal...We love this idea of making an beery alcohol cake, for a funny Valentine's idea, with all his favourite beers or miniature spirits, pile them up and tie with a ribbon, and you will be the best gift giver on the 14th February!


engraved glass with beer

 Fancy...We love this engraved beer glass with your partners name and fancy border to get them off to a chilled romantic evening. There are lots of different options from this small business so please check them out.


Envelopes full of love...

valentine's day for him messages in envelopes

Frugal...Such a great, simple idea...Grab a pile of envelopes, some Sharpies, stickers, a glass of Prosecco and start writing romantic Valentine's messages. They could be funny Valentine's sentiments that are unique to you as a couple and the recipient can open them when they are having a bad day or when they are missing you to make him feel like a King this Valentine’s Day!


valentines notes for him

Fancy...The perfect gift, this personalised mini ‘book’ comes foil embossed with every letter from A to Z for you to fill in 26 reasons why the recipient is absolutely brilliant!

A delightful gift for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or just because, this lovely little book will bring joy for many years to come. It even comes with suggestions on Martha Brooks website for writing each range of Valentine messages.


For the music lover...

guitar pick

Frugal...How about buying some inexpensive guitar picks or plectrums and writing a range of Valentine messages on each one? You could even find a little box to make them even more special.


birdyhome music framed print

Fancy...We love these personalised music prints which are perfect for Valentine's Day, just supply your lyrics, which are available in a range of colours, and then a beautiful typographic print is created.


Foodie Valentine's day gifts...

Valentine's day food

Frugal...If you have ever written on a banana, you will know how satisfying it is, write your simple Valentine's message and hide it in their lunchbox or fruit bowl. No-one is going to be disappointed with a box of Crispy Creme's! Pick up a box and add a sweet message inside the lid. And for another great idea, find a plastic toolbox/organiser and load it with their favourite sweeties. Never underestimate the power of making a cupcake cake for a romantic Valentine's gesture and ice on some naughty messages and then eat the evidence!


brownie domes

Fancy...Beautifully presented in a lovely box, these classic chocolate brownie, covered in milk chocolate and decorated with sprinkles, white chocolate and edible gold leaf are sure to satisfy any sweet Valentine's craving. Check out Ruby the Cake Artist website more more delicious ideas.


I hope these ideas have given you some food for thought in creating or finding the perfect romantic Valentine's gift. At the end of the day it's the thought that counts and I'm sure your personalised gesture will be thoroughly appreciated!


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